Meet Our Team

Dr. Dorothy Anoina

Every day, Dr. Anoina and her office staff start the morning off with prayer. Right next to the waiting room, there is a prayer and devotional room where you can spend quiet time in reflection and prayer if desired while you wait to be seen for your office visit.

In each exam room, there is a prayer box where you can submit prayer requests which Dr. Anoina and her “prayer warriorettes” pray over on a regular basis. Dr. Anoina feels she has been called to be an intercessor for those who requests prayer help.

Staff Details

Wheatie [Service Specialist]

After spending 31 years in Corporate America and being totally regimented, the customer service world would ultimately lead me to Dr. Anoina's Office. Here I can once again put my skills to work.

Traci [Medical Assistant]

I've been with Dr. Anoina for over 18 years and it has been a glorious experience to be able to say my boss is also one of my dearest friends. I have learned so much and grown so much in medical knowledge and in spiritually. It is a blessing to work for someone who has God as her boss.

Shinnette [Service Specialist]

I am married and a mother to three wonderful children and grandmother of 14. I have worked with Dr. Anoina for over 15 years and also have had the pleasure of working with my friend Dr. Anoina at Advocate South Suburban Hospital.

Kathy [Office Administrator]

I have also had the opportunity of working side by side with Dr. Anoina for over 24 years. It has been a Blessing to be part of such a phenomenal practice! Dr. Anoina's kind, caring, and compassionate heart is truly led by God Above! We are all Blessed, staff and patients alike.

Naomi [Service Specialist]

My name is Naomi, and I retired from AT&T in California after 35 years. Originally from Chicago, I returned to take care of my parents. I was hired by Dr. Anoina and fell in love with my job. I feel so blessed to work for Dr. Anoina, and thank God for the opportunity.