List of OB-GYN Physicians

The practice of Dr. Dorothy Anoina, Women for Women Health Care, is announcing its closure as of 3/31/2022, due to urgent family obligations.

For your reference, you may contact the following providers for continued medical care

    DMG Group (708) 679-1890

  1. Dr. Dexter Arrington

  2. Dr. Shaunda Chin Bonds

  3. Dr. Monique Jones

  4. Dr. Lena Alia

    AMG Group (708) 575-4415
    (708) 798-2400.

  1. Dr. Kathy Jones-Caillouet

  2. Dr. Marjorie Michel

  3. Dr. Allan Ruby

  4. Dr. Tiffany Wilson

  5. Dr. Ericka Searles

    Women's Healthcare Associates of Illinois, SC

  • Dr. Biren Shah (708) 799-6450

  • Dr. Anjali Thukral (708) 799-6450

Patients needing additional assistance in locating another physician should contact their insurance company.

If medical records are needed, please utilize our "Patient Portal". This is the best way to obtain your records.

The link to the portal can be resent to your email on request by faxing us at (708) 414-3757 or by emailing us at: It may take up to 24 hours to receive the link.

You may also sign a medical release at your new physician's office requesting your records to be forwarded to their office. FAX a "signed" request to (708) 414-3757 or email the "signed" request to with the fax number to their office. You MUST have your signature on the request to AUTHORIZE the release of records.

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